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反斗英語2011 標題

English Made Easy 2011 (School Version)

Transmission Dates:March 19, 2012 – June 8, 2012
Monday: 1515-1545 (ATV World)
Tuesday: 0945-1015 (TVB Pearl)
Thursday: 0945-1015 (TVB Pearl)
Friday: 1500-1530 (ATV World)


To produce 10 half-an-hour entertaining and informative TV programmes to encourage HK people to fight against the fright of speaking / using English by means of:

(1) introducing ways to express in English different common, everyday situations such as reserving flight tickets, serving in restaurants, travelling outside HK, writing emails, preparing for an interview, etc.;
(2) pointing out, with elaboration and analysis, the common errors and possible mistakes, which may be due to incorrect transfer from Cantonese or which may arise from the use of electronic translation engines;
(3) stressing the importance of frequent practice in spoken English;
(4) encouraging continuous learning and using of English; and
(5) explicating common grammatical or pronunciation mistakes.

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